Monday, March 10, 2008

New Adventures Await!

Ahoy, citizens of Hornland! 'Tis many months' time since last I put proverbial pen to electronic parchment, and you must have been gravely concerned lest this humble Hornblog founder like a Portuguese caravel in nor'-eastern winds. Fear not, for this vessel holds as true to course as ever! Keep 'er steady mates, for a-sailing we shall go!

True Hornies will remember that I recently encountered rough waters while voyaging aboard my '98 Subaru, the Crab. You may also recall that the voyage in question was no pleasure cruise: I was engaged in official at the behest of my employer, Domino's. Upon my return to port I was court-martialed by Phil - my commanding officer, and a knavish whelp at that! As a result, your humble servant finds himself once again on the unemployment line.

But have no worries for the devoted Hornblogger. I shall land on my feet in no time, just as Hornblower so quickly recovered from the grueling blockade of Brest! I recently made an initial foray into job-seeking at the local apothecary, owned and operated by the good sire Walgreen. I will spare you Hornies the gory details but suffice it to say that my interview did not go swimmingly. The powers-that-be took particular umbrage at so-called "inaccuracies" in my curriculum vitae. Apparently, their definition of "Military Service" does not extend to my three years as a broadswordsman at the Renaissance Fair. What rubbish! I grappled toe to toe with the French at Agincourt, and this is the recognition I receive? For shame!

But I digress. Having given you a full report of my activities since our last communication, I must take my leave in order to continue my quest for employment. But news of our hero Hornblower shall soon be forthcoming! Anchors aweigh!

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Anonymous said...

Any news on the Ang Lee/JRM project?