Friday, September 14, 2007

Uncharted Waters!

While I am sure you are all bursting to hear more details regarding the upcoming production of Hornblower (see my last two posts and their accompanying comments), I fear that for now I must steer you on a new course, which I trust you will find equally as diverting! Trust me when I tell you that this is not the last you will be hearing of the Hornblower cinematic experience. But for now, a new tack it shall be!

Though I consider myself to be Captain of the Hornies, I am far from being the only person on earth with knowledge of the great men who rode the waves in the days of yore! While enjoying a cool draught of mead at the local inn and public house last night, several old salts and I debated over which legendary seafarer would prevail in a contest of swordsmanship, fought fairly under the rules of King Charles, God Save Him! To settle our feud, please send in a comment stating which of the following mariners you think would win in such a duel:

a) Horatio Hornblower
b) Captain Jack Sparrow
c) Blackbeard
d) Horatio Hornblower's ghost
e) Sinbad (the Sailor, not the actor, of course!)

As always, fair winds and calm seas to you, my Hornies!


Anonymous said...

Blackbeard, I say. To the truest.

Anonymous said...

nay, Blackbeard it is not. It must be Horatio's ghost.

Anonymous said...

It's most certainly the ghost of Hornblower. With his marksman's perry and his translucent form, he would be a formidable challenge.