Thursday, September 6, 2007

The News Arrives!

Well met, Hornies! My deepest apologies for the long delay since my last post. I recently completed my long-awaited voyage (nay, pilgrimage) to New Zealand, where I trekked across the wild realms of Middle Earth. Needless to say, my elven cloak had no concealments for such sorceries as computers and mobile phones! I therefore have not had a chance to bring you the most fortuitous news I promised several weeks ago. But anger yourselves not, Hornies - in the days of Hornblower it would have taken two full years for a letter to travel to the American Colonies from the lands of Terra Australis! Without further ado...

My sources in Hollywood have confirmed that Universal Studios will soon be filming the first major motion picture based on the life of our hero in over 50 years, an adaptation of the seminal novel Mr. Midshipman Hornblower!!!!

The title of the screen adaptation has been shortened to the bastardized (yet catchy, nonetheless) Hornblower. Upcoming young actor Shia LaBeouf is in talks to take up the sword of His Majesty's Royal Navy as the young, brash Midshipman Hornblower, while Patrick Stewart is onboard (pun most certainly intended!) as Hornblower's stern yet fair commander, Captain Edward Pellew. Daniel Radcliffe will appear in the role of Hornblower's rival, the diabolically clever Midshipman Simpson. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers will co-star as Old Boney himself, the dastardly Napoleon Bonaparte!

I swear upon the collected works of C.S. Forester that I will keep all my Hornies updated as this project develops. For now, fair winds to you all!

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